Every translation is different, so I always quote a project rate (rather than a per-word or hourly rate) that covers every aspect of the translation process, from preparation to research, translation and proofreading. My quotations take into account whether a text is of a specialist or technical nature and the format of the text – a Word document will take less time to format than reproducing a scanned PDF.

When requesting a quotation, it helps if you can specify:Drink Me

  • The language of your original document and the language you wish to have it translated into, including any variants (e.g. UK or US English spelling)
  • The number of words in your document
  • The format of your document and the desired format of the translation (e.g. Word, PDF, HTML)
  • The deadline
  • The general subject matter of the text

I normally prefer to see at least part of the original document in order to provide an accurate quotation.